Wednesday, May 23, 2012

3D Animation Showcase

AW yea i was working on this, i bet thats a shocker right ! 

Im going to try have some fancy motion graphics intro for for my the show in a few weeks.
Wasnt really happy with the end result on the acting one  and my sound on some of it (the running one) came out awfull so sad face. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cleaned up some tiny pieces of the animation  had to zoom out a bit near the end as the top of the heads were getting cut off in the render as the render is actually slightly smaller tan the area shown in playblasts and yeahh the wall is moving in the background il fix that before i render this out, the new render kept the lighting more open and tried to have the lighting directed more at the faces. I lost some of the nice shadowy look i wanted originally but this is good enough i think and its half the render time so il probably leave to render out tonight and be done with it ! 

Render & lighting test

This is a low resolution test and eh i think its to dark, and the eyes and teeth are way to bright and i need to come up with some thing else, The lighting is kind of hiding a lot of the facial animation. Not good ! 

I think im done, ive been tweaking things made a few change's, Spent some time trying to sort out a nice render the lighting was a issue for a while but its turned out ok i think. Have some odd texture issue on the models the head appears slightly browner than the body and no matter what i change it stays the same so I have no clue when it comes to fiddling with textures. 

The render times a bit high on these its ranges from 60 to 90 seconds a frame, But i think il just render the whole thing out tonight around 640 x 480 before i render it at hd 720 to see if any lighting issues show up which are you never really see until you render the thing out. 

I think im done, one more feedback session to go hopefully i wont have much to change because final hand in is Monday then its bye bye college yay. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The dreaded mouth shaping woo..

One thing i always had trouble understanding was lip syncing, and i never really got much time
over the years to actually do it so im glad i got the chance to attempt it this year. Well anyway here is my first pass, think i need to hold down a few shapes. I think its looking fairly well at the moment. 

But i did have another version which i thought was slightly better on the baldy green guy but sadly i was an idiot and had opened a older version of the animation and never noticed till i got to the end and had to redo a lot of it! 

Im going to just focus on cleaning this animation up a bit more, Some stuff at the end to fix, and  a eye drifting near the start and some other little things. Almost done ! 

I might try tone down the green guy near the end and im going to clean up his face in the head grab looks a bit to busy to me. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Showreel !

Here's some of my latest work, But the end of this is just a place holder till i have the finished work to put in, I just put it in there for my show reel submission deadline thingy. 



.... ... ninja edit

Pre Lip Job

I have been busy in my under ground base beneath the ccp headquarters, and as the tests currently stand we feel the time has come to proceed with full on mouth animation, This of course will alter the face animation to a degree. The version below had some alterations made to it today as of yesterdays version which was also ready for a lip job and looked good i felt i over animated the bald one as god was freaking out and decided to redo that part again. I may tweak some things as I work on the mouth shapes and the bald ones face is to still at the end il do some thing there and the red guy foot as he puts it on the table is still annoying me, also i might change the colour of his runners.
 (or runnies as i like say cause im cool)

So this will idealy be what it will look like when i render it, but this render took way way to long, but im thinking considering its only like 15 seconds or what ever that it should be ok to maybe have a 5 minuet render time per frame, if i split it across my two computers perhaps.

Here is my current Draft of animation.

Ow and I changed the set as i felt it was to open and that seemed to distract me for some reason maybe because im agoraphobic... hmmm... ow il delete those shelf things on the wall.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Star date 00092432 00 alpha beta Q

I updated my show reel a few days ago and my current portfolio which is to be submitted this week. I am rendering out some of my current work right now and il try have a newer showreel by friday when i have to submit that. 

Here is my current progress on my acting sequence.

This took me a while to get done, i tried grabbing his head and shaking it then grabbing the guy by the head and flinging him on the floor, i tried pulling him of the chair into a weird flaily hug and some other things they were all awfull.In the end i had to keep the green guy fairly still so i could animate them together as i was unable to parent them together because i referenced the rig and id no idea how to work around that so yeah..  So I tried this out and i kind of like it but im still cleaning this up right now and everything seems on track, Then after i refine the animation a bit more il do the rest of the lip sync and then clean that up and tie it down a bit. Other than i think its going ok got a good bit to get done but i think il be finished this in time for the hand in date.. i was worried for a while there phew.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Half a Sync

I spent most of my day trying to do this with out it
looking hideous to the human eye, its alrite i think it will need a fair bit of cleaning up on the mouth. How il do it i do not know. 

Also i change some of the animation on the bald dude and done some clean up on the for 6 secs of animation and this vid is with the mesh smooth on as the lips are to sharp with out so yeah anyway im going to bed !

I made a mouth shape library then applied some shapes to my animation, but i had to tweak them alot, never done this before really its a bit of a trial and error thing. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Ow not Man being hit with a giant god dam box is back !

I dont appear to have gotten much done this week, Did two passes on my acting sequence, got the go ahead to work the second version and i had to have to show the man being hit with a box thing which i redone to one man one ball, But that entire thing was a mess and i was trying to clean it up last night and decided to get up this morning and just hit delete and do it again. 

I got rid of some things that were just getting anoying like the leaning on the door pose, I should probably add more texture to the hand movements but i dont feel i have much time to work on this as i intended to scrap it. I might add some new camera shot instead of this one hmm two weeks to go ! I really must get my acting sequence finished. 

Here are two render's from the above. 


Just changed some tiny things you wont even notice held the pose with the box hitting added a little twitch at the end and a new camera pass.