Monday, October 31, 2011

Animation reworked and Render Time Test weeeeeee.......

Did a render test to see how long it would take, did it in around 40 minuets with mental ray and some setting changes for the 9-10 seconds the full sequence will be about around 50-60 seconds. Also reworked some of the animation i think i got it down better than the previous video, The only bit that seems of to me is near the end with the kind of sway i tried to do with his spine controller's is a bit stiff. But i think this is enough for the deadline.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Some refining & Rendered Stills

Just been working on the animation for an hour or two trying to remove some stiffness, I would appreciate some feedback. Just for the context of the shot, in the story board he walks into the room the door kind makes a slow creeky sound the door slams he reacts then hears another sound from above and this where things are meant to start plumiting down and he starts trying to get away from them.  Ow and the door etc are place holder's.

And i thought i would take fancy render's i think i try and render this in mental ray, but il need to tweak the setting a bit to get a faster render time.

Animation W.I.P

Just thought i would put this up, Might work on some overlapping, but id dont think il do anymore on it, Since i only needed 5 seconds, but I might try another shot with a different model as im not really liking the low max model from the waist down. Anyway i was working on that last night deleted some of it from my previous tests as i felt the breathing part was not needed. Also around the 4 second mark i am going to do some thing about that jaw movement i dont like it.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

This is me procrastinating....

Right this is me procrastinating because i have to write 1500 words for my thesis and i dont have a god dam f***ing clue how do it so il do this instead.

This is a Mishy Mashy of my two blog entries on the college blog which seriously sucks fucking balls, and looks like some kind retarded note book and apparently doesn not like when you make paragraph's and squish's everything together. So anyway moving on.. end rant.

I decided to the serial killer thing after the original pitch which kind sucks because is spent a fucking grand on the cintiq but its not that a big of a deal because il make some short shorts with it in my spare time and when i finish college im sure come in handy doing free lance work.

So now i am doing a 3d animation showcase, Which will involve one action sequence and one character animation dialogue based sequence. Im not to bothered that i am not making a film this year since i already made the film wanted to make and im kind of relieved about it and il finally get the chance to sit and try up my game with some 3d animation which is some thing i wanted to get into since i start college.

Going about this i thought that i should do things the correct way and for Maya animation means using the Graph Editor, When i started looking at it i was more confused than a Panda being in world of Warcraft (WTF). Now after toying around with it for for a few days and studying from a book  YAY books, I have a much clearer understanding of how it works and what it is used for.

So here was one of the quick walk cycle's i started using the graph editor to do the in-between's it didn't turn out very well but it was just trying to get an understanding of the scary graph editor.

Yes embrace the Skynet, I did a few more things like a jump which i got really nice maya froze and i hadnt saved so i lost the really nice part and only had the rough animation left ow dear.

[below the shitty version]

 Anyway So then i just thought i would get started on this 5 seconds of animation we have to have to show. So here are some animation test's.

im still working on it, and building it up and  using the graph editor to TRY and get some better animation but i am getting the hang of it now just need to work on holding some of the poses a bit more and refine some parts of the animation.