Friday, August 24, 2012

Star Date some thing ... 001 2 .. headline

Well i started to do the 11 second club thing thats currently running but then i got bored, wasnt to keen on the audio piece for it anyway i might stick up the scene i blocked out for it. So then i was looking for some thing else to do and i thought about the mothers voice from psycho, the norman bate's guy.

Anyway i decided to spline block this one from the begining instead of doing it in stepped the way i usually do.

Started this yesterday so here my current playblast.

Il do a pass on the facial expressions next and then il work the mouth shapes right now its just my moving the jaw up and down a bit. Clean up stuff etc the usual things really.

Update, Got fairly with some family stuff im now an uncle so this kind of fell to the wayside, i did more on it facial animation etc i might try finish it one of the days.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Updated Showreel

Well i updated my reel which you can see over on my showreel page ! who would have guessed. Or just like here i suppose.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bahh Bah.. Battle Arena ! thingy

So i made this cause i was bored got the urge to do it, Work on the animation of this for about 3 days on and off going at a leisurely pace, I wanted some thing cool for my reel. I used some free rig Malcolm and taoro i think the big one is called, Then built up a set around the animation stuck some other models in for atmosphere (that was my Simpsons reference.. joke.. not funny.. ok well neither is the Simpsons) .

Im going to read up on Texturing and lighting ive no idea how to do it so see what i can figure out and try make it look all bad ass.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

This kinda droped of my radar for a few days, anyway i done a bit more this morning. Hopefully get a good chunk of it finished today. Anyway this is what i got so far.

I done more stuff, added a new club which i need to tie down a bit. Then am going to add in some new guy who will be fairly small and hopefully i will have some nice avoiding the club stuff going on the whammm smack kablamo ! and flung away with the club he shall be.

So i done a lot more today, I added some holds etc and added the second character, i blocked it out in spline so il clean this up at some stage tomorrow hopefully if nothing comes up !

Monday, August 13, 2012

Adding spice and all things nice... eh.. yep.

I was looking at my animation reel last night after i uploaded, and i thought thats boring. Its really missing some thing. My older version was much better and had more variation anyway so that got me thinking what do i want in my reel and so i decided starting today im going to try make some really short 3-5 second bits of animation for cool things ive always wanted to do and tailor them to my reel.

One of these things was like a big giant dude trying to crush a small person with a giant weapon of some kind, so here are some keys which i done this morning.

Its going very quick, the mesh on this rig is a bit ehh questionable, im enjoying doing this so good times. I have no life thats why i can sit in and animate my time away.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I updated my reel today, although i dont know i think i prefer my old one,

And i finally got around to cleaning up my acting scene, it didnt take to long to do on  my new pc the scene wasnt bogging down my computer like it was my laptop so i could finally get in there and fix those dam lips.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


This is me and Larry my friend, she's hot so she's naked, like me.

                                (i made some quick ninja edits to the picture see the old underneath)

And these i done in ArtRAge, free trial thing so theirs a anoying stamp on them. I dont think il be buying it anyway its a bit to restricting for my liking.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Johnny and the Beetroot cat

I dont normally put up drawing and stuff, but i think il try do it a bit more. I drew this in ms paint and then colored it in photshop. Also i made a tumblr account over here