Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Enviroment & Lighting Render Test

I thought it would be a good idea to just do like a camera fly through for the set, to go with the second draft story reel, But due to some degree of stupidity on my part I didn't have each shot saved from my story reel so I cant render it out, but i think that would be a bit over the top to render all that out.Most likely I'm just going to start animating and the second draft story reel's are going to be the same as my first draft one's as I dont really have much to change apart from a few shots I never put in.  

Anyway glad I rendered this test out because it got some odd flickering of the light going on and that why this is a test I would not have seen this if i didn't render it out so some thing to fix later down the line.

Some things I change for this were the render settings again I had redo them, because I hated that blue sky that was in the other one's took some fiddling around with the settings and camera's, It was really white before but it was to bright so I made it grey I thought it was easier on the eyes.  Yea anyway that's about it.  

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dear Diary

Havent touched this in like a week, because it was giving so much trouble
when i was trying to animate the final jump, the rig kept breaking had about
three attempts at it, and they kept going hay wire on me limbs flipping out etc.
I went back and tried it from a zeroed out pose but then i thought ah feck that
il give it another go and just deleted about 6 seconds of it again ! for the third time.

Anyway felt like tackling it yesterday, and fixed it up.I wouldn't say I am entirely happy with it but I have spent far to long on this bit of animation,and I am moving on, because my eye's may explode, Also what is taking huge amounts of time on this animation is the graph editor/ F curve's i could block out the animation in a hour or so but then it takes a few hours of fixing the curve's to get the animation to play correctly. So i may have to cut back this action sequence even tho the minimum im required to do for it is 30 seconds, il see how it goes.

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Animation Born

I go this new game today its called the animation born, you play a dude who's born to animate and your quest is to finish the year and complete your project's on time. If you fail you waste 2k on college fee's and have to live in your mom's house till you snap and put a pillow over her face while she sleeps, but she's a lovely women really.

I tweaked the run at the start looks better from other view's now, Worked the jump and second pillar run, not happy with it right now maybe im just tired. I think its to slow, the end pose is for a transition so its not finished al i need to either some keys around the end of it or do some thing goes to slow. This whole part is probably the longest part in the animation. ( but I have a bad habit of making things go longer than intended)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Now im going to bed.

I deleted a little chunk of this animation today and went back over it, I just wanted to get
him running up that pillar. Im still not happy with the running part i dont like the swing of his arm's i will work on that later. Im happy enough with the rest of it. I feel like the part before he takes the steps up the pillar is a bit out of place maybe, Perhaps il try fit a new pose in around the 5 second mark, I havent finished this yet, I want like a Tripple arm and leg swoopy thing mid air. I might have to re adjust the distance between the pillar's. I spent ages on this just going through the Graph Editor. Il try put  a compilation video together showing the key's then the in-betweens before i edited them and before i touched the hands and feet, To give a better idea of the process for the next showing. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Render Time ka pow eh..

Ok today i managed to get my render time down from 1:51 seconds to 21 seconds. So the final film will look like the image. Good Stuff. 

comparison shot's

The Above took 18 seocnds, with global illumination off, Final Gather set to 14, Physical Sun & Sky.
this took Forty Seconds, Global illumination on at 14 , final Gather on with 100 accuracy, Physical Sun & Sky on.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Dear Diary

I have been working with this rig called the Norman rig its the one pixar use in its training classes. Also you can get it of the 11 second club. I am going to use this one for my action sequence, how ever im having some slight issues with its movement being jerky because i am using fk leg's which means in this case i can only move the leg's by positioning the feet. So this is a bit twichy because i need to speak with one of my tutors when we get them about how to mix ik and fk controle's, With the IK i can use knee pivot's and rotate the leg's from the hips knee's and ankle, but with fk i can only rotate the feet and position them. 

Also their is some really anoying twich or some thing in the upper torso that i cant seem to find right now that makes it kind of twich at some point when he is running. i think may be down to the spacing of my key frames on the upper body motion. So i am going to have to do a trial and error process by deleting keys.

In general i think the spacing is off in this, and spacing the keys out is going to be a head ake i might just scrap it and start again. I did have more than this i had him running up a pillar but i edited the color of the model and accidently screwed up the eye mouth teeth textures and wasnt able to return them to the default so i just scrapped it and went back to a earlier version. 

This are some still frames from ones i messed up yay. 

[I think a issue with the speed  i had it set to the wrong fps, i had 24fps not 30fps im not to sure bla bla *wonders off*]

Ok here's an updated version on the animation running at 30fps, and you can see some of the issues i spoke about if you pay close attention to his knee's when he jumps on the pillar, and yes i need to work more on his jump. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

First Pass Audio

Ok here is my first pass audio test, 
Dont hold it against me !!

I done the sound with audacity and all the sounds are just noises i made which i manipulated
and fizzle fazzled about with to create this amazing sound scape. The video didnt render out 
to nicely this time im not to sure why. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Set Design

I thought it would to start building set now, Before i start doing any more animation. Just started this tonight trying to get the general minimalistic look but keep it interesting.

Im working on the door and door frame part a bit more, and then once thats done il start working on these one's below.

I am thinking about rigging the pillars so i can make them sway slightly.
Render time for the above is to long at the moment il have to fiddle around and try knock the time down per frame that took 1:06 seconds o_O for one frame. 

Another title really ?

Just some more animation im working on trying a different model, This the model thats used in pixar training classes so its awesome.  Anyway this is just a work in progress. Havent done any tweaking on the in-betweens yet or in and out motion's.  looks a bit off here but its the early stages, again. 


Il just add the updates to this here,