Friday, June 27, 2014

Mega Balls update !! Megaaaahhh

So sadly a good friend of mine passed away not to long and my enthusiasm for working took a hit but, I have been pushing hard to get more work done and make some progress. So a lot of modelling and planning and stuff, I have some new stuff to show. A big level its a pass through video, i moved a few things around in to give an idea of what i want to happen in some parts of it, still needs to be textured. And some Enemy npc models which have made and rigged etc, They are for a gang in the game called the street kings yeahh they gonna feck you up like a thing that fecks things up !

These three adorable fellows are my street cruds part of the street gang from the area just after the farm, And yes one is a robot kinda guy, street gangs can have robots kay. Also none of this have been skinned properly yet i just did a quick heatmap.

                                                                       Crud A

Crub B ( im so creative)

Robo Crud


Big Ass Crud


Bag Head

The Boss- Street King


The roof tops level
so this is a big level in the game, at the end it leads into a fmv im planning.
Its basically some construction site, that you will make your way through interacting with npcs and objects fight some guys, then take over a construction bot that will knock over some scaffolds to another area and this is going be a tenement building thats been taking over by some type sci fi themed biker gang, and the plan is that you will meet some damsel in distress who upon interacting with will offer you some tips on how to woo a lady which you have to learn through out the game in order to eh fail at wooing the princess, if you rescue some guy the biker guys have chained up down below, so you will do some stuff fight a gang boss steal his biker keys free the guy make your way to the roof steal his bike, then its like a chase where your riding along the roof tops.

Still need to make a lot of clutter objects and and texture and refine some of it a fair bit, Then il start making the npcs for this area. At the moment im trying make the characters for each area including rigging/skinning etc.  Also some interiors for some parts of the early game.

Thats it ! my update.