Thursday, June 16, 2011

Some say I work to much, I say yes yes I do.

feels like I havent posted in a while so I thought i should add an update on what i have been doing . 

Well first i was modelling the bird but that was annoying me so i ditched it for the time being and moved on to modelling the  boy character. Now i having not modelled a character since this time last year and even then it was from a book i bought on how to model which was a good learning experience I feel very rusty and have had shit gasim after shit gasim trying to model a simple character design i started it over a few times because it was not what i was looking for but i finally got it to a some what pleasing result i will say. 

I started out building it poly by poly i did this purely to see how to build a face this way as its not some thing i had done before last time I just used a poly box and built it up that way, anyway i found some great websites with some good tutorials that helped me along the way one being , if your interested in modeling and rigging check it out. 

Modeling The Body 

Modelling the body this went fairly well for me, had no big issues i couldnt fix i got some nice topology when making it, i became more of topology when making this i didnt really know much about topology and why its important to keep it all four sided quads before but ive been learning as i went along on this but its is getting frustrating i just want to start animating this modelling process is soooo soooooooo sooooooo long. 

Started out setting up my image planes for my model, you do this through your hyper shade menu but eh im not going to start explaining stuff on this , This what you should do before you model set up your reference pictures ! then start to block out the shape.

Started out with a polygon cube around the waist area and then built it up to the next, and then worked the legg shapes out and used edge loops start defining the shapes of the model. 

Built out the arms by extruding the faces the same i did with the legs and feet

Last but not least the hands, you can see its not exactly the same as the model sheet but i  just thought it was better looking this way when i was modelling it so i kept it , So that was the body it was quick enough to make. 


These images are of my attempt to model the face with single poly faces, you start with one plane and then extrude it around your character design, its good a great way to model but it was working out for me.

It was going very flact on me from the side views i wasnt able to ge the curve on the head i wanted this way, i did more work on this i just forgot to take more screengrabs.

I got a bit futher than this and made the back of the top and back sides of the head but it wasnt what i was looking for so i scrapped it , one day wasted yippy...

Head 2 -Scrapped

 This was the second i made but eh it wasnt what i was going for, i found it hard to get it to look like my drawing, anyway i scrapped this head and started over again. 

Head 3 - not scrapped yay

This head started out better than the previous two, i box modelled it and it started to take shape so, it didnt come out the way i wanted at first and was going to just scrap it and cry myself to sleep and give up as it was looking very bad, it looked like rog and podge retarded brother who was half lego half puppet. 

I tried to model the hair seperate but as you can see its clearly god dam awfull. 

So i was going to go with this at one point i even stuck it onto the body and place it in the set i made to see how it would look , with the proper lighting and in the set he didnt look to bad but some times if your not happy you gotta start again and i was not starting again so i just went back to a earlier version and worked on it more and this is the final head i came up with.

I deleted the crap hair and started to shape the face more, tried to define the eye areas better and i gave him some fucked up ears and a a nose as my drawing while nice wasnt working out for me in 3d, my character i felt had no character so i wanted more personality in the model. 

Again i kept working on the face hair and eyes etc, i finally had a face i that i thought yea thats it, I tried my best to keep the topology correct but it has a few bad bits hopefully they wont cause any major issues, here are some simple renders i done with colored lamberts ive been trying to learn how to texture this but its giving me a major head ake i cant stand texturing !!! 

So i was really happy with how this turned out and the only thing i have left to dowith the head is figure out how to make his fekin eye lids maybe i can get away with out them hmmm 

here are some interesting renders of the model which i just done as i thought they would look cool messing with the lighting.

Ok well thanks for reading if anyone actually does read this (o_O) or just glancing over it anyway, Hope fully i can get this rigged im a bit fed up working on shit now i felt like taking a break from it but i dont have much time to work on this if im to get ready septemeber i may consider using this for my project , I would like to make a mini series out of this idea, If anyone would like to help out on it i could use a hand texturing the models.

Ok well my next update may be a while altho i have started messing with mudbox so i may throw up a few vids of what i have been doing with that program its so fun almost makes me want to just do a modelling reel next year. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Books to feed my mind naum

Sooooo really not been feeling like doing anything the past week got a whack of the flue or as i like to call it the abola T virus. Yep so I havent done alot since my last update just been half heartily doing some things I am kind of loosing my drive this week, Working from home can get depressing feels like all you do is eat sleep work in the same room ugh anoying.

So ive just been doing a few little thing's. I made this youtube video of the room i do all my work in why ? i was bored mostly also i got few people who always look at my work on youtube and give me good feedback and help me out with questions and what not so i thought it would interesting to show the room ive made most of my animations in , you can see it here if you like to look into other peoples bedrooms.

What else have i been doing, Ow thats right i have started to try modelling the bird for my 3d short, that i posted about previously. I am not to happy with it i think il start again, Im worried about wasting time rigging and learning to texture at the moment i really want to switch to 3D this year so im trying to stick with it, My film next year all depends on how this short pans out, So i wouldn't say im under pressure but i am kinda worried about making some thing that turns out awful.

Here are some early pictures of the bird, im trying to keep it simple but interesting to look at, like it is in my doodles I am going to have to sit down and do more drawings of it i think then model of the character sheets making things up as you go in 3D doesnt seem to be panning out for me in this case.

From my drawings it looks like its made out of loads of triangles so i was trying keep that look, 
anyway here are just some renders of what i tried so far, Im probably going to redo it from scratch. 

So thats my birdy model so far Il probably add a new blog when i model the new one unless i decide to keep this one but im not to sure at the moment im a bit confused about how i would give it secondery movements like some feathery parts moving stuff like that which i would normally just draw as im a 2d guy so this is all a bit more technical than im use to right now. 


yea so i like to buy 3d books very handy some time's I picked up mastering autodesk maya 2011, and Studio Projects : Dynamics the other day, I just starting doing some dynamic project today thats in the book and its giving me a head ake this books instructions do not appear to be matching the results it say i should have !! grrr anyway this is why books can be anoying. But some times if you just use video tut's of youtube say your just copying and not learning so its good to match the two, but the books cost a fucking small fortune. 

I also a new keyboard for my pc because mine is old and gorry and the mouse broke, so i got this cool shiny microsoft one, which ended up not fucking working !! 

Which is a shame it was nice and sleek looking and the house was sexy but fuck it i brought it back and kept the batteries that came with it, john 1 Microsoft 0. I am the reluctant owner of a logitech keyboard and mouse this keyboard is tiny feels like it was built for a women with small hands.

Yeap so thats all ive been doing thought id do a blog, as im bored and have no life clearly.
I need a women me thinks but they cost more than those books so they can go and get it some where else !!  took er jerbs... or something bye.