Thursday, September 8, 2011


So not only is it coming up to my birthday i am back in college soon then i shall hit the pre 30's age number which i wont mention because it will make me cry thinking of the years i wasted WHICH I CANT REMEMBERRRRRRrrr sigh anyway old memory blank issues aside it is time for me get the whip out i am pumped and i am ready to rock this shit and make a fucken film and it better not turn out like that pile of shite i made called pork or i will throw myself in front of the motha fuckan dart well i wont really but it i will not be a happy animator.

So as i mentioned in my previous post i was considering trying to "re imagine" an old comic i made about 4 years ago now for a short animated film and thats what i started to do since my last post. I currently have over a screen  play written for it, It now it has more to it than some random fuck wit with a kitchen knife who likes to murder women. I  decided to go down the body image route in the story line and hopefully i can get those aspects of the character to be some kind of fore shadowing to the mental murdering charming bastard that he is.

I talk a little about what i am making here on youtube, i dont know i put on some weird voice when i make these videos whats that all about.

So what have i done so far well apart from what i just said i have also story boarded the first Act of the film, Just started the second act today, which is going to take longer because the entire is a huge dialogue sequence type of thing set in a restaurant well an american diner type of look is what im going for.  So im really compose the shots so its going to be interesting to watch and im really going to have put out some good acting in this animation  i got a great book by Marcos Mateu-Mestre he is a really talented animation layout out artist story boarder and graphic comic artist, and the book is all about the context of character in a scene and how best to set up lighting and location etc. So its helping me get a better idea of how i want to direct this film.

I wont bother putting up my old comic i slap a link in here if anyone reading IS ANY READING ? wants to see what the original comic was but be for warned it has a vast array of spelling and grammar errors. you can find it right here Hello Mr Darcy, so their is three comics up their and what i did on the fourth unfinished one.

So now im going stick a load of some drawings ive been doing trying to get use to my new cintiq 12wx oh yea i bought it fuck yeahhhh its awesome. The first couple of these i was doodling in paint and Photoshop trying to find what software i would use to animate in, i tried pscs4, painter 12, manga studio, Tv paint.

After messing around with them all i decided tv paint worked best and so thats my plan now to do this in tv paint. I had messed around with tvpaint last year and had some frustrations with it but hopefully that wont happen this year ....... ..