Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sequence 3: Blocking in the first pass

Sooooooooooo I started the 3rd action sequence and since all I have been showing the past while is that running jumping sequence which has made me want to gouge out my eye's with a rusty spoon, I happily have moved on and if you see the second draft reel in my previous entry you will get a better idea of what is happening with this.

Its just a simple line of action, semi circle motions of a kid playing with a toy plane then he's gonna "kapoww" blow it out of the sky with a toy tank, Going to have a girl walk in and kick his tank away, or maybe make her grab it out of his hand and do a little tug back and forth thing. 

Also I am just going keep the camera static and then have it shot from two angle's, I decided not to go with the pan from the story-reel draft. 

Updated: Most of this character is blocked in now, gone over the 10 seocnd mark but im not to concerned with going over time on it. The block is just a rep for the where the second character is going to be. A few little holds are needed from looking at it, then its ready to be splined. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Cutting Crap

So technically this is really a first draft reel because I decided to change from two minimum 30 second pieces to six 10 second pieces. This will now be 3 action sequences and 3 dialog sequences the new reel includes two almost complete action sequences one roughed out idea for the 3rd sequence and i just included the 3 audio clips which i am going to use for my dialogue. I discussed with some of my lecturers/Teachers (what ever your called these days PALS) They agree'd best to focus on small animation piece's, So not being one to shy away from change that is what I am now doing.

Two of the action sequences will be just two parts from the original action sequence idea, which im going to clean up replace the place holder set i had in the first one and fix the some of the animation that was a bit off, Just work on the camera for the second one maybe redo a bit of it.
Original Story Boards

First Draft 

Second Draft

For the dialogue sequence I thought it would be best to try and show some range by using 3 separate dialog sequences instead of the one 30 second sequence from stand by me. So now i am going with one funny piece from Freddy Got Fingered some dialogue I got of the 11 second club from one of their previous competitions, and the third one will be from the film The Pursuit of Happyness.

For the Action/ Dialogue sequences i have just been looking at things from the 11 second club and animations from other places you tube, vimeo etc to see how people go about planning for such a short piece of animation, I  found this one very helpful  in kind of think about how to plan it out in maya, Alot like the seminar I went to in college with Barry O'Donoghue Its really just more about syncing the body movements and actions what your character is trying to say, the emotion behind it and its not really a focus on the lip's which is some thing which has always hounded me when trying to dialog in my animations. So this i thought was a good example to look at.


Very simple story boards, then just blocking passes and finally the lip's and accents are added. 
So this is how i am going to plan out my dialogue sequences.


Apparently i will have to model some thing according to one of the tutors I spoke to on Thursday.. Which I haven't had confirmed so i haven't really thought to much about it but i was thinking of making a model based of the character designs for an idea pitched at the end of last year, possibly using mudbox and them I will have to speak with one of my other tutors about how to bring it into maya to rig it, I think its a bit of a complex process, Time will tell.

Here's a model i made previously in mudbox this was my first attempt. So im up for making a model regardless its just some thing i will need to plan for.