Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The old animatic/storyreel

I dug this out last week it's from the start of the year around the end of September early october my original initial 2D action sequence story board played in sequence i didint time it out or anything just stuck it together to give an idea of the fast i was going for at the time, Then the 3d Version i made with some early test's in it. This thing was rushed as i had been story boarding a short film but then switched to the 3d showcase. 

Right now i have finished the animation i think ! have to get it passed by my tutor, just preping to do a low res render pass of it then i have to get some help with the textures i messed up oops. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Short & Sweet

This was what i showed at my last presentation, Few little things were wrong in this which ive fixed already like a foot thats kind of not posed right which i some how missed, And a part of animation where he's sitting down then against a wall in the next shot which im currently animating together as they were two seperate animation file's. 

This is almost finished i decided to cut out the bowing crap thing at the end, and il redo some thing simpler by tonight hopefully. 

Here's a few little fix's and different end shot which is rough ! i just did it today and you can see my texture issue' which are wrecking my head right now.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I Hate Shadows !!

They are always following me around and messing up my work ! 

These are two shot's i rendered out from one of my previous video's, The motion blur added a lot of time to the render so, I dont think i shall be using it again might be able to do it in after effect's or il just use it sparingly. 

I did a pass with the rig's deformer's so i got some bendy motion in his arm's and leg's for some better line's of action, And i put in this kind of pop in his jump which some people seem to not like but eh i thought it was kind of nice ! Ow well. 

Have to do camera movements now on the other chunk of animation, which is this here from a while ago, i changed the color of the model and the render settings slightly, Im going to have to match these up aswell which could be a nightmare. Hopefully not. But at least that atrocious run at the start is gone wooopy. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Bazinga !! Im back whahh pahhh

Hello Mr Blog been a while.

So I have been making some change's to my running jumping wall hoping guyamation !
The run as was attrocious at the start of it and so i went back and i have got some refrence video's and sat down and dont a early block out about 3 weeks ago before i stopped to get cracking on the dreaded thesis, And then i spent a few days doing nothing and that got boring so here are some anima ta ta TA TA TATION playblast of what i have been doing and the refrence video's i was watching. 

Reference Video's
first up was some sprinting slow motion video recommended by animation lecturer, It's Asafa Powell doing a 100 meter sprint.  This was great for just getting the initial pose's down. 

Then as i was doing it i remembered my initial animation the run lead into a jump, and since im going to have to cut these separate file's together i wanted to get a new initial jump/ landing pose in so i was looked up a few parkor jumps which didnt really have anything i wanted for this bit of animation so i looked some long jump's and found this great video reference. 

Also i have several other refrence video's here in a playlist "cleeek CLeeekkkk k  k"

Animation Side View Passes

Here is one of my first passes which were done just from a side view, This was after i did all the poses which i did not space out or time i just did them any where on the time line and then spent some time moving them around, And this was one of the first passes. Also none of these have been seen or passed yet by my Tutor/Lecturer so il most likely have to make some tweaks to the final run, Down the bottom of the page. 

1 - Felt slow and sluggish, in the general movements i didnt touch the head or hands in the till near the final version.

2 - I thought had to much down and the spacing felt slightly off, Also this and the above looked awful from the front but thats just because i was animating from the side views and not looking at it from front angle. Still thought it was to slow for what i am going for a fast paced sequence.  

Camera Shot's Idea's 

These are some idea's i was playing around with, using a rigged camera they arent final and need some tweaking, But this was with another pass of the above animation that looks fairly rough at this stage, This is just before i started to clean up the animation so it would look better from the front and back view's. 

Animation Clean up !

So these are a few passes which are from a landing shot, which will be at the end of the above video, I tried to tighten up and get rid of some wobble in the animation and several part's which seemed to dip down, such as the head and torso, Also i tried to rectifie some popping issues which as always decided to wreck your animation !! 

Here i started to clean up his torso and hip movements you can see in the camera shots video it was really swaying down and to the right to much. This might be a playblast from last night when i stupidly didnt save and lost two hours of clean up work.

Some more clean up, + hand pass made some changes to the leg swing's as he jumps, I think i messed his head up a bit on this one. Start to do a pass on his face, and more work on his finger's here, Also i spent a whole day just working on his hands at the end to try and get a nice looking motion has he clamps down onto the ground. Which also cost me a days work as i messed up some animaton layers and had to go back to a previous save file. 

(Bit of a pop in the arm near the end just trying to rid of that at the moment !)

Facial & Hand Pass
(I realise how that sounded)
This is what i got done to day i just work on his head and facial expression's i was adding some huff and puff as he runs but its not very noticeable so i think i will just leave that out. I want to give him some little bounce at the end because in the animation after he leaps up onto a pillar, But i think it might be a bit much and again i did some refining on the hands in the landing pose and tried to fix any twitching in the torso movements. 

I think i might might need to extend the frame range between some poses, or add in one or two in betweens, but im not sure because i have just been looking at this thing non stop for a few days. Ow well, Il most likely have several changes to make after my next feedback season but overall im fairly happy with this and a few tweaks are needed.  

[fixed twiching i think ? also i tried to add some movement to his foot so eh thats not finshed]

this is also the length of the landing shot i wont have the entire run in it again, for the final cut. 

Here's a video of some thing cut out because well it didnt really fit in

I have a lot of stuff i cut out, but i didnt make any videos of it. But i can say ive cut out at least 60 seconds of animation !But never fear i will keep them and render them separate for the show reel BAZINGAHHHHhhhhhh