Saturday, December 22, 2012

I thought i would do this little quick idea out today, After i saw a "Debate" where our own self proclaimed king if Ireland  Enda Kenny made a disgusting retort to Gerry Adams in the dail fairly spitefull and a easy for the man to get out of any sort of actual debate.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Some politcal satire

I felt like drawing King Enda as he sit's in his ivory tower with a corruptive influence  while minister for health Dr James Reilly and the sith lord Phil Hogan who has long since fallen to the dark side think up ways to bleed more money from the down trodden.

King Enda

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Retiming old work

[I'l be adding updates to this post so yee must use yee old scroll button of yester yerr]

So i met this woman Sydney Padua a few weeks ago she was doing a work shop in my old college and she had a look at my reel and gave me a few suggestions before i send it off to places abroad, so i have been trying to get some of this done fairly as i just want to get a fecking job asap.

So she liked this thing i done and suggested i do more things like this i just happened to be trying to do anyway, and she wanted it more close up and not so far away which i animated to this distance so i have some tweaking to do.

So here's a w.i.p you can ignore old malcolm i gave him broad and unrefined poses for the long shot, il need to put in some holds etc on him now but not to much work to be done, i added some holds need to refine the timing a tad more, ow and i textured and made some changes to the set.

As you can see my texturing skills are in the bin, but im working on it, hopefully il have it a bit more cool looking by the time im done.

Very rough right now anyway, i might end up trying to repair the damage done to my blog ! 8-(

[updated bits n bobs]

Made some changes, dont mind the texture on the club its a bit weird in this view no idea why. Emm yes added some longer holds, some new ideas throw in there ive hidden the malcolm for now, but i intend for him to squished like a bug to the new mace that i made then gets kinda peeled up as he looks at it, need to work his roaring part at the end, its not so perdy close up.  Also need to try clean up the weapon arcs and stuff but i counter animating it the whole time as its parented his hand so its giving me some hassle.

ow no !

I messed up my blog template, dam you dynamic view why did i click you.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Pillar Animation Challenge !!! and more of these things -> !!!

I done some polishing and tweaking and some 2nd 3rd 4rd and 5th pass changes, and walla still needs a bit of tweaking i think though..  Any who this didnt really that long to do why if i didnt procrastinate between key frames i probably would have done it in a day or two.

 (updated the video, few little tweaks)