Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Set

Here's the set ive been making might add some little more parts to it but i dont think most of it is even going to be seen in the final animation, Fairly simple just used the basic materials for the texture's nothing major. I might try texture the walls better.Hopefully i will start blocking this animation out its only going to be around 310 frame's thats around 12 seconds at 24fps. 

This is the Audio il be working with

Monday, March 19, 2012

Lip Sync Practice

Nerd alert.. 

I eh tortured myself this morning by doing half this on the wrong fps settings and was unable to sort out the frames when changing to the correct fps from the lesson and had to redo 2 or more hours of work, But anyway i done it. Seemed a bit complex. I understood the idea behind it so i should have stuck to the guys  movements but i just did my own head turns and stuff because im just MAD living life on the EDGE animating through paddys and mother's day (I cut the grass this morning and eh stuff im a good son) !! 
Thats just the type of MAD mental misfit deviant I am. 

I dont like this to be honest his right eye seems a bit to down for me but it was just a practice/learning experience and i will be swiftly moving on tomorrow. Forward my hairless companion march me to next.. eh.. shut up John. 

Ow and those action sequence's are finished i just have to fix a few frames they just need to be rendered out.  One has to be rendered out from scratch but i dont think i will be adding them to the blog or youtube might break some showing off college stuff rule or some thing =/ for now anyway. I may be wrong or lazy thats just for me to know. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Prepin The Prepinator

Trying to plan ahead on this round of animation doing some warm up's with some head animation arc's and follow trough type, basically just trying to do it better than i have been up to now and then some facial animation over it. Its just a head animation exercise for moving stills and arch's. Also going to do a hopefully quick lip sync exercise prior to starting my own. I done the animation below from some digital tutors training video's.

still motion, Arch's & follow through

Facial Animation, Eye Darts & Blink's 

Dialogue Sequence 01 

I built my set for this 11 second animation, I have it story boarded i have been acting out some of the ideas on camera and no i wont be uploading those. This piece will be using a segment from Freddy got fingered a tom green movie. Should play out some like i planned below. 

I set in a animation studio !! woo awww and i shall be using the Malcolm Rig from animation mentor for this animation. This is going to be hard >_< 

Anyways this is my Paddys day... woopy.. education fo life

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Some Stuff and Thing's

Ok so i decided to redo some of the camera work since i kind of changed the idea, Also i found out how to animate the glow on the ball, So this ball will be like freaking the guy out and  shizzle's.

Added in some playblast to the Second action sequence and i found out how to change the texture's so they will now match up when i re render it out also made some change's to set from my feedback from the world epically famous Brenda Chapman and some camera advice from her but i really dont have time to do all the changes and i have to move on as time is coming to an end for this year of college.

Making my show reel's today i made one thats just 3D and i think might make a 2D one have several interview's with some studio's over the new 2/3 weeks and one's in the morning, PEE PANTS TIME.

Action Sequence 01 - One Man One Ball 

Action Sequence 02 - One Man Two.. Pillars ?

Show Reel 

Monday, March 5, 2012

One Man One Ball

So I kind of gave myself a  week to redo this because im a bit of a dope and no one was around to tell me not to, I started on Monday tried a different approach to the scene because most of my feedback has been about why the charater would act the way he does in the scene so i thought i would just give him more a reason to react to some thing so i simply added a ball then i thought id make the ball kill him and yea i got carried away again. 

I did forget to redo his hands after he comes in the door for the walk il fix that tonight and i think i forget to graph his facial movements around the start area to oops. 

Also i finished the other action sequence but im just going to try get these two rendered out this week while i sort out some plug in's for my acting dialogue animations which thankfully i cant go over time on as il be tied to the audio phew. So i think it was sunday i done a chunk of new animation to blend two seperate animation files together for the running up pillars guy animation and i started this new version (below) on monday finished it last night. Right now i just need to figure out how to create a animatible glow effect on the ball.

Anyway here it is in playblast form
It gets a bit stiff near the end because i kind of some how managed to break all of his controlers so just after the slaming part i tried to get away with stepped poses and then the rest i wanted some fast pah pew ugh dead kind of animation so i did that having parts of his body animated and "tweened" but kept some parts as key's to get a  kind of fast jerking movement.


I tried to keep the box falling part from the previous versions but it wasnt really working out for poor old max.

So i changed it to him being shot in the head with a box.