Monday, November 25, 2013

Oh ow

Tech Problems with unity, has kinda stopped me for now. Il get there eventually

More stuff and a cleaned up walk that i some how, overlaped a bit in after effects so it appears to skip some where.

I just bumped all these up to 60fps today for the game engine had to tweak a few frames, but tiz not looking bad.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Walking and running through the field of blinn based textures of maya la la la la

So i was working on my newly re rigged model, which i decided to name Regna cause thats the name of my youtube channel, +1 for imagination john, you still got it. Anywho here are some vids

My attempt to build the set hit a brick wall due to my lack of texturing know how, I am trying to figure that out so who knows aye !

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Re rigging walking and stuff..

Since the last update, i decided that i had to re rig the character, as the human ik although it was nice and i really liked the way it push and pulled the limbs, it would flip the fep out on turns and jumps, so i decided to purchase some rigging tools, and it was well worth the cash, saved me a lot of hair loosing frustrations.

So basically that previous animation is gone, and my skinning needs some refining, but anywho i have done a bran spanking new walk cycle for my character, pretty basic again going to be for a platformer so side views only but i did on all sides anyway.

So i think i will do a run, new idle animation and then start building some of the parts for the level design which probably not going to upload just yet or at all. Mite do some story boards at some stage but at the moment im just focusing on the style of the thing.

its a four step cycle, contacts on 12's so 48 frame cycle. I dont know why youtube decided to crop
my video, but its meant to show animation test pass one, needs some work.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Some game related stuff !

Just did an idle set, il probably need to tweak this at some stage. Human ik rigs not that great for non mocap animation. But sure it will.. it will be fine john relax deep breaths. I can cope with out the graph editor.. breath thats it. Good boy. 

I will be updating this post with game related stuff, it may come slow it may come fast who knows. 

I am drawing some story and level design idea's which im planning on making with maya/mudbox. So far it seems to be coming along fairly well. Once i have a firm idea and some assets built il give the coding a go from the tutorials i was using, that failing i will try make a collaboration with some coders and see where that will go.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Getting back into the swing of things.

So lately i have been trying to get back on track, due to some long term family health issues, everything animation wise kinda hit a brick wall post college. So i was just doing some bits and bobs animation wise, some of it you can see in my last show reel update and other work that i just never finished and scrapped. But anyways I decided with all my spare time to attempt to make a little ( microscopic) Platformer game demo of sorts, with Unity 3d.

Spent the past few weeks trying to get some of the ui basics down etc, anywho basically i was sketching out some rough ideas, game concepts stuck them on my wall. Then started to rig this old model i made from two years nearly now i think. So am thinking of using him, but the rig needs some attention its not all that atm. I only need a basic one, as i should be baking the animation.

so yup

Above, skinning and rig test

Below is a render of the model (which i am kind of changing a bit maybe)