Monday, April 30, 2012

Sundays Pass

I finished up the initial pass for this my Version N02 of the acting sequence im doing, so its by no means  a finished or fully thought out piece. I just wanted to have two version for my next feedback because i wanted to see what i could do with it from one single shot. Anyway bits im that need work are around the "im" line and when i got the end i kinda fizzled out there and couldnt think of what to do with the green dude. 

Anyways ! gotta put a show reel together now ! 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Roughing out some feedback change's

Ok so my last feedback got lots of help, I went and watched toy story 1, the truck scene then i watched toy story 2 & 3 and of course ! and what was in almost every conversational piece between two character's the one being spoken to was not moving or barely moving at all. So i made a few change's from my last one i had him fiddling with his t shirt and i tried a new take on that where he was in a  moving hold type of pose but i felt that was still distracting because i just kept looking at what was in his hands, Then I tried another one which was similar to the above video except i had him leaning away from the person speaking, and he was a bit more active which i thought was still just a bit over animated so i delete that again and decided to have him leaning in towards the guy who is speaking to try and lead the eye a bit more. 

Then i was about the camera angle and all the shot's which are cutting away and after my comments from yesterdays showing of our current animation, I got some comments about if it was necessary to have all those different camera angle's and perhaps just having the entire thing from one shot could work, So ive been sitting here today butchering it up and im going to try have a new version from this one shot, i might have a second shot in it for when he's freaking out. So im going to try have a max of two shot's. 

So i change the camera postion, Its giving me some thing i dont want like his hands covering his face at points il have to tweak that a bit, and clean up the parts going through the objects. 

The only thing im going to rework the second half of the animation, which is not going to be really messy as  i dont want their backs to the camera.

Update Passes Below 
Im just going to stick all my new passes below huzzahh

Just been trying a few things out with the camera, my enemy all year camera work.

Here's the Version 2 work i done yesterday, still in a semi blocking state

Sunday, April 22, 2012

More Clean up yay...

Well I done more clean up and stuff, Im not sure if i like it kind of bland ! 
Decided that i might delete the set and draw one instead and then just have some background image's for the set.  

Im happy enough with it in this state to move on to the mouth shape's,So im planning to do this on a separate file with the model, and using pose libary i will make the appropriate sound shape's and be able to store them and just pop them in on the model, and then most likely have to be tweaked a bit. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

This is another roughed out pass on the green guy, im trying to clean it up right now, I was trying to make him dithery because i was thinking of him as an old man but he just looks very unstable when he's moving and the mesh is a real mess right now i might have to try zero him out and or spend extra time trying to clean it up. I havent touched his face or hands past the hald way mark, might get that done before i go to bed.

I went back to the open hand motion on the red guy when he goes for the wish i was dead line, needs some tweaking and i need to work on the twitching/breathing part i mgiht try go back to the old hyperventilating, im not really liking the twitchy thing, il work on it a bit more anyway see if i can get some thing nicer out of that part anyway.

Camera moved a bit on near the end forgot to lock it, have to reposition that anyway. I did a really nice getting up out of the seat the green guy is sitting on then i remember it wasn't even in the shot ow well.

Anyway ive  alot of cleaning up to do on this. I should have zero'd out the rig its giving me a lot hassle right now.

did some cleaning up on it, few things pop'ing on me il have to fix that up. I  could have swore i got some of these pop's or maybe its youtube or maybe its because its like 3:40am and my eye's keep twitching.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Feedback Tweaks

Had some good feedback during the week on this in college, So I knew I needed to pull back on the ginger 
at the start I felt it was very distracting and so ive done that well eventually I did about 5 different variation on that part of the animation, This one im happy with the fiddly bit, I think I may have to re think the part between the t shirt fiddling and the reaction. Some of the hassle ive had making change's is the sheer amount of control's and remembering which one's are moving. It got a bit confusing but luckily im not key framing every single control every time i make a change. 

So i think this is less distracting from the guy who is meant to be talking, the bald one. I cut out a camera two cam cut's, so i may need to tweak the animation to the shot's a little. The Green/Bald guy is not finished yet you I intend to have him get up of the chair and go try calm gord down as in the original story board and blocking pass. 

Also I tried to use some lighting to put the emphasis on who I want the attention drawn to, It's some thing im going to work on more when I am happy with the animation. 

Anyway needs some more refining and clean up.

Pre Feedback Vid

Post Feedback

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pass N a Half

update changes a few things need to re do some of the facial work,

This is my most recent pass on this animation, Worked a lot on the bald chap and it went painfully slow for me, Its slowing my computer down a lot and I cant see how things are playing unless I run a play blast so its dragging along slowly. 

Anyway i had a mini crisis with the previous blocking on the old man, It wasn't really looking good when i started to animate it and it was moving a lot and i really wanted to have it more still so i deleted it and started over. A lot of my stuff recently has been a bit out of control in that respect. So im trying to not get carried away with my pose's on this character. Still fairly rough at this point I am just going building up the animation each time im happy with some of the movement.

Still a W.I.P a few pops and little things to fix, facial expressions will most likely change a lot when i start the lip work, might try hold some of the hand work at some point around "the characters are lame". Other than that I think it turned fairly good for such an early pass. Still have the a lot to do with him from 7-14 sec mark and then il clean up Gord some more possibly going to reposition him.

Render Test

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Felt like walking

I got out of bed this morning and felt like doing some thing different and thought i need to refresh some skills and went over some basics again since the past few projects ive been doing haven't really involved much obvious foot work, Done this digital tutors walk cycle didn't take to long I might do another one that's not so generic.

First Pass - Gord (Ginger Character)

Ok so this flue is still kicking my ass, and ive only just finished the first pass on the ginger guy i did have some more done with his hands towards the end but ended messing up a load of stuff and went back to a previous file how ever. Its a first pass i will start the old guy then hopefully i can get some thing really nice out of this. 

I had to change the end from the previous blocking pass i felt it was just to much movement for the time frame i gave myself on the audio track plus i though i was over animating the scene's, when i look at the 11 second club entries they rarely have a lot going on so i thought maybe i should tone it down a bit. 

Anyway this is my first pass
and my first time animating with this Malcolm rig from animation mentor, The other character is just hidden as i changed the position of the "Gord" so il have to redo some of the staging on the old man and il most likely change the part with his right arm at the start of this it feels out of place to me. Which i think i needed to do anyway so its no big deal. 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

[Updated] Its not easy coming up with snappy title name's.

Made a good few changes to some of the poses, and after some feedback from a very hairy guy i decided to change to change the way he was moving at the start because i had to much going on really looked to busy. Still needs a lot of work but its coming along fine so far i think. Still refining some of the poses and changing some spacing on the ginger one and i will more than likely change position/poses of the baldy one. 

Ive just been graphing and tweaking poses doing some facial work, im trying to get the screaming part down right now ive already made a few more changes after i uploaded this last video. Still haven't touched his lips/mouth shapes for the audio yet anything that looks like that is just from the facial expressions i was doing. 

Well youtube is a bit broken these days my videos keep uploading weird, so the one below came out a bit odd looking, but its not to bad, i refined the screaming part a bit and that shot in general just played with it a little bit more and hopefully by tonight il be finished the last shot and the first pass on the ginger guy. Then il have the baldy one to do. 

This is what it looked like before,

Anyway i really need to kick this things ass its been going to slow due to my man flue. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

[Updated] First Pass Blocking Pass

I have been struck down with the man flue since Friday i fear i may not live to see my first born.

But anyway, This first pass has taken longer than expected been lacking in my motivation been a hectic few weeks, All these late nights appear to be taking its toll im sure il fall into a deep sleep when this year over. Il need to recharge my batteries for my potential new job prospects.  

I was planning it out for some moving hold's and some poses are construction poses ( so basically when i graph it i will make key pose form a in-between and delete the construction pose) The rig im using is fairly complex compared to the other one's i was using and was working fine for the most part had some issue with his shoulder's going a bit weird on me. 

As usual i have not done a pass on his hands or face yet, i just did some facial expressions and hand shapes for the general idea i usually do a pass on those after im done with the graph editor. 

I got a new tool help me do this project called pose-lib, essentially it lets me save pose's for a specific model and then apply them anywhere in the time line at the click of a button, So im going to do a mouth shape library should help speed this up a bit.

Im not to sure if this is reading well, il most likely make some changes to show what the old man version is talking about. 

[UPDATE: 03/4/12]

I thought I would throw up some of my early F curve work, This includes some moving hold's and that type of stuff this will give a better idea of what im going for hopefully. As i have removed a lot of the poses from the above video as they were construction poses. This is a work in progress.