Monday, August 15, 2011

My August update !! and its the worst up date to date (is that a pun?)

Hay guys its me the person who blog's here you can call me Sir.

So havent done anything really this month went on holidays first time ever!! yea first time im 28 and just had my first holiday time to throw away the poor kid rag's i guess went to london had a blast went to up the creek comedy club met some cool funny people hung out with my sister and austrailian cousin who moved to london went all over the place got accosted by bouncers over suspicion of drug abuse in the toilets but nay mr bouncer i was having a panic attack and not doing lines of coke thank you for your concern.

So i havent done a fucking thing work wise since my last update i think i burned myself out ive done a few drawings got a commission of some one who saw some of my work that was nice never been paid to do a drawing before but i cant show it because they got all the stuff i did on it, i can say it was kinda fucking pornographic. niceeee.
Easy money and good research (john places a soggy tissue down on the desk).

At this stage i am now considering what to do for my degree year film i am really just thinking of scraping my sci fi idea i just think its to weak and i dont want my final year trying to learn fucking 3d i enjoy it  i mean like look at all i did over the summer it was great and i was happy with what i was doing but i hate rigging and all the technical side of it, to much holding me back and i dont want my final year film to be on par with some one who is starting out in 3d.

I regret wasting so much time now trying to do that 3d short, but fuck it. At lest i gave it a shot.

I am considering buying this in the image below Cintiq 12WX i am gawping at the purchase screen right now trying not to shit in my pants at the thought of spending 999 euro on this awesome piece  of tech to do a 2d animation on my computer and not on paper like im use to it would be good by light box !

What i am thinking about now is what do i want to do for my film !!! 

I made a comic once called Mr Darcy it was about a serial killer who just snapped from his wife nagging and then ended up killing women and fat chic's it was a robert crumb inspired look its probably the only thing i did from feeling inspired by another persons style. Also it was a nice way to get out all those frustrations from the rejection of women over the years yeaahh i killed them on paper call the cops people. 

Here is a page from the comic i did, i would love to animate it like this.

Id like to tightin up the drawing for it i done this comic when i was in my portpholio year so i wasnt as skilled with the pencil back then i did try to animate it in my first year of college but felt a bit over whelmed and change to some thing simpler. Its always been some thing ive wanted to animate and people often ask me to do another comic on it so maybe this is some thing i will give some thought to.Of course if am to do this im going to need to write a good script and find some voice actors. 

I have had a few ideas for a for some animated series, I am also considering doing that short film i started in 3d in 2d as a mini series. I d love to remake my film Tissue Pockets 

And the second short i made Enol ive always wanted to do another cartoon with this little guy
but i dont think i want to do it for my final degree film.

There a few ideas i have written down but my problem is the film that i wanted to make was tissue pockets and now that i made im struggling to find some thing that i want to make as much as i did with tissue pockets.