Monday, January 6, 2014

100th Post wow wa we waw

Holy shizzle tits, 100 post's.

I wanted to have a big update for this, an actual built level but some things didnt happen that i thought would happen, so i have just been trying to do some mock up designs that i can hopefully build in 3d. Going to have my old pal ryan kemp working on it building the levels with me, got my other pal rory the bear mc grath working on a enemy npc model at the moment. So i shall see how they turn out and  maybe my next video will just be all of the animations working in the game, and then hopefully a video update of some 3d level design.

Here's a short video just running through the mock up, its not great because my video messed up and i had to redo it like 6 times so yeah i think i just rushed through it the final time.