Monday, May 26, 2014

Level designs w.i.p

So I my have shack interior built(where the protagonist lives), primarily for a animated scene 
the farm which i have quests to take place in, the street after the farm which is the first
kind of proper game area after the street is going to be a roof top location which im going to start building next. Here's some panning vids of the sets and a sort of plan for the street set. 

I need to make 2 or 3 interiors for some buildings on the street set, so when you enter your in a new area kind of thing. Il probably leave those till after the roof top area is done and then texture the street and shack interior then do the other interiors. 


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

So i basically finished the main characters model and rig, few tweaks to be done but its basically done, I was going to start modelling the princess character but instead i got stuck into the first level design, since i had already built most of its assets i spent this week texturing it and making a few little nic nack type objects for it. So i basically just need to create the exterior street out side the farm, with some climbing areas and then the roof top zone that leads to the princess parade !

I might do some character modelling first im not sure anyways here's a video of what i has done so far, I just have to animate some sign's for the big floating billboard above the factory in the background. And just some little animated object in the world, like the goo in the canister and some other bits.