Saturday, July 9, 2011

I gave up on you little violent boy and cinema 4d is like heroin

Well i dont know what to say but basically i have given up working on the "little" project with the kid that turned into a way bigger work load than i expected this was mostly down to the un responsiveness and fps drops when using the latest version of maya which basicly stopped me doing any work after i modelled the boy which lets face it had fairly questionable facial topology going on but it was fun to make, Yea so it all came to a head when i started the rigging process which i was new to.

To sum it up maya kept crapping out on me and i then banished it from my laptop in a fit of rage. rage like no man has ever seen, well i wasnt really raged up i just unistalled it said fuck this shite im meant to be on my summer holidays.

Anyway ive no new stuff for that short now its now on the back burner. I need to start finding books for my thesis proposal and then start pre pro for my degree film, which i am as of now 100% clueless as to weather i am going to be doing in 3d or 2d.

So me being me i am always messing around and trying out new interesting stuff and here are some of the things ive been doing these past few weeks since my last update.

Modelling in Mudbox 2012
i made my first mudbox model which was really fun to do and always wanted to do some thing like this.

currently my new addiction i read about this program and thought i would check it it seems more of a vis com app than an animators but i have been playing around with it and really enjoying its ease of use, here are a few things i have been doing in cinema4d

I listed those in the order from the first thing i did with cinema 4d to the last, the final one is a simple 3d model i threw together the point of it was that its a self driving no animation required car use's a physics engine to drive it selfs sorta, made space i was bored started to try make some planets and stuff and the others i just made to see what i could do in c4d,

Anyway thats all ive been doing really few little things think il take some time to find me a women !  BOOBS

Things may be slower from now on around here my next update may never come who know's all good things must come a end also im contemplating taking a year out from college !! much to mull over this month