3D Animation Show Case

I had done two tiny pieces of 3d animation before, And They were fairly good looking animations so the idea of doing a 3d animation showcase had crept into my head so thats what i ended up doing for my degree year project.
Acting Scene Going Mental

Acting Sequence from John_Gunning on Vimeo.

Action Sequence One Man One Ball

One Man One Ball from John_Gunning on Vimeo.

Action Sequence A man walks into a room ( how exciting i know)

A Man Walks Into a Room from John_Gunning on Vimeo.

Action Sequence Now Thats Dashing

Now Thats Dashing from John_Gunning on Vimeo.

2D Shorts
Below are a bunch of my old short films from college, I love 2D Animation but felt switching to 3D would get me a job. Check them out if you like what you see i have a lot more stuff on my old youtube channel here 


I wasnt really to happy with the outcome didnt really come out the way i wanted, It was meant to be about a sheep raised by a wolf to hate pigs and because he was a sheep he became a wolf.. so eh.. dont be a sheep. 

Tissue Pockets

This was a film i made for my diploma year, It really meant a lot to me and was very personal. It was about living with post traumatic stress and all the things that came with it. I wanted to say a lot with out actually saying what the problem was. It went down very well and got me into my first festival, kerry film festival in 2010. 

Enol The TV

This was my 1st year end of year film, It took me around four weeks to do, I had no light box at the time and i done it at home by taping the animation paper to a table and just animating over the layouts. This was the 3rd short id made that year i went a bit mad. 


This was my way of doing the emotional flour sack exercise, clearly i got a bit carried away.