Monday, December 9, 2013


I made this droid the other day, in a day of modelling skinning and rigging madness, I got a bit over excited at the idea of making this for some other project, but i might end up using it as an enemy npc in my platform game at some stage.
Started out like this but i thought needed some more bad assery to it.

I changed the head, and the two panels on his face open out

This was a render i photoshops for my control picker in maya.


 And above is just me testing the rig to see if it breaks when i twist around. Seems fine.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Quick update, got my run running woo hoo, still going backwards but you know slowly getting there.
Bit by bit once im happy with the animation and controls i can start making my level design.

Update yay directional stuff fixed, apart from my bad ability to play games its kinda looking cools.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Small update thing a ma jig

 I think the volume on my mic was a tad low.

Sooo i have been kind of wasting time, with some of this unity stuff mostly down to the fact i know very little about it so im finding it hard to get to grips with but im slowly starting soak it in like a really big sponge with a tiny droplet of water.

Had a tone of hassle figuring out how to sort these animations and the controllers out, i got the jumping animations working, but they are not the best, they need to be replaced. Finally got the guy walking, but it decided to do the moon walk on me, and my run animation broke, and also it just stands still when i try to run and kinda glides across the floor. But the good news is im getting there just slowly.

But yay its moving ........ kinda.. Once i manage to get everything working properly ie: walking running and jumping il work on the set a bit then i have to do a load of other animations like ledge grabbing, sliding wall hops etc.