Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Project Sumer - Pre Production Concept Paints

Wanted to draw out the idea i was thinking about from my early character designs  of the alien guy kind of looming towards some primate ape like things, with the giant ship in the sky behind him. 

I was thinking of a shot from some rough story boards i drew out and thought id do a quick speed painting of it

Didnt actually finish this but i was just thinking about the space ship how it might look

Roughed out an early idea of the inside of the ship

I was just fooling around with the idea of encountering some wild ape like creatures

thats a big ape

Miner Slaves

With these i was just trying to get some ideas out and trying to build up a better of idea of  what i way i would like for the film to look.


  1. looks great. careful with the shape of the ship. very gould like

  2. This is what happens when you play too much Minecraft.