Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Small Project: Where The Dale Blow's

So you may or may not remember that I was going to make a little 3d short over the summer to get to grips with maya so i have started working on this now for maybe a week or two, I had actually started to story board it back in the start of may going up and back on the dart from college, The story boards are just rough and not a lot of information on them but this is generally how i story board anyway and since its a personal project no one is going to be looking at them to grade me or what ever so its not like i have to polish them up for anyone. 

The idea itself came from when i was in college and i would be walking home with my pal's Mo and Ryan and we'd be talking about weird shit and some thing came up about violent kids and I spoke about how when i was a kid i used chicken wire to catch a bird, it was funny than it sounds reading this but anyway we had a laugh and mo was like you should really make those things into cartoons and start to put more of your humour into things, so i thought yea fuck it, sure why not i have always wanted to so im doing it now. 

So you wont be surprised to hear im making a short about a mental kid who catches a bird in a cage except i changed the ending a bit he just stomps it to death in the cage, Im going for weird here wether it turns out funny or not i just dont know, all i know is when i told my mother what i was doing she look at me very strangely so that must be  a good sign !!  

Story Boards
These are my early story boards, they may not be to clear but i tend to keep most things in my head anyway. Not that this is a good thing doh bad habits aye. 

So those are the early story i drew up each morning on the dart and the way back home, The end one could do with a bit more pizzazzz (thats a arty word) but anyway i think il make a animatic for it at some point, just to maybe get a clearer idea of what im doing but i may not need to i will see how things pan out after i model the character. I kept it a small setting with only two character the boy and the bird well and his mother but i only plan on her legg's being shown ala tom & jerry style. I dont know why i just thought it'd be a nod to violent cartoons i saw as a kid, Ow il clear one bit up in the story boards at one point he's in front of  a tv i had a little note on the page you cant see, but basically its going to be like a cut to him watching violent shit on tv maybe tom and gerry ? who knows i was going to put in a chucky sound bite maybe a macgyver clip on the tv or some thing im not sure yet.

Early Early Doodle's

These are just some early doodling i have been doing for the kid and the bird, nothing major just getting some ideas down on paper, Il probably just go with some thing i think will fit the feeling of creepiness im trying to go for in this and then do up some Character Sheets so i can import these into may and start up the modelling process. so anyway here are some early idea's nothing major ! 

Ok these are some of the doodles and story boards i was doing so thats all for today i will upload some of my cg work next, I am building the environment this is going to take place in first im trying to do things in the same manner i do my 2d work which tends to be layouts > animation. 

So same John time same John place which is here but the time is random so eh dont mind the same John time line its just a lie. 

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  1. I love that your doing this. you used to crack me up so much in Tesco. about time you shared your humour with the rest of the world :)