Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blog no1 : Hello World

Hello and welcome to my blog, I am John Gunning
A animation student, mostly self taught, this year
i moved collage to IADT, And the year went well
for the most part, And will be starting my Degree film
in September so me being the work a holic that i am
I have decided to start this blog to keep track of my
progress on the film, I will keep this blog updated on
my project degree year film and another side project
i am working on.

So il run through the two projects I am working on
my overall project which i am currently doing the pre production work on, Is called Sumer
im basing this project around the Ancient Astronaut theory ,
The Plan right now is to do this in 3d with Maya , this is subject to change. Also kind of depends on how my smaller project pans out.

My small project which at moment working title is "Where the dale blow's" it is about a violent kid and all these messed things he does, I wont say to much about it right now but i am going for some thing very fucked up and hopefully disturbing.

So some of things i will be putting on here will be sketch's and rough story boards maybe , and some concept paintings maybe even some pictures of stuff I am drawing influences from.

So this was my first time blogging really so

same john time same john place eh.. bye

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