Friday, November 8, 2013

Getting back into the swing of things.

So lately i have been trying to get back on track, due to some long term family health issues, everything animation wise kinda hit a brick wall post college. So i was just doing some bits and bobs animation wise, some of it you can see in my last show reel update and other work that i just never finished and scrapped. But anyways I decided with all my spare time to attempt to make a little ( microscopic) Platformer game demo of sorts, with Unity 3d.

Spent the past few weeks trying to get some of the ui basics down etc, anywho basically i was sketching out some rough ideas, game concepts stuck them on my wall. Then started to rig this old model i made from two years nearly now i think. So am thinking of using him, but the rig needs some attention its not all that atm. I only need a basic one, as i should be baking the animation.

so yup

Above, skinning and rig test

Below is a render of the model (which i am kind of changing a bit maybe)

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